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Welcome to Redshelf Tutorial. This tutorial will demonstrate how to access learning materials, Launch My Shelf, open the ebook Main Menu, and access the ebook. Let's get started by going to ecampus.dcccd.edu, click on Access My Courses Now. Click on OK to continue. Sign in using your 7-digit id number, preceded with an "e" at student.dcccd.edu and click next. Enter your password and click the Sign in button. Enter the code that was texted to your phone, and click the Verify button. At the top of the page, click on the Courses tab. Select and click on the course link to open the course. On the left, in the navigation menu, click Learning Materials.

Click the Learning Materials link to launch My Shelf. Read the recommendations for using the latest version of modern browsers. Scroll down if you need to search for your ebook. To open click Start Reading. Click the sidebar icon to open the Main Menu. After you viewed the options and features of the main menu, click X too close to main menu. When you are finished, at the top click the X to close the tab, and return to my shelf. Thank you for watching Redshelf Tutorial.

Using Google Chrome:

  1. Ecampus.dcccd.edu
  2. Access my courses now
  3. Ok to “Privacy, Cookies terms of use”
  4. Sign into Blackboard using 7 digit student ID ( Ex: e1234567)
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Enter password and click the sign in button
  7. Enter code text that was text to phone and click the verify button
  8. Select Course tab at the top of the page
  9. On the left in the Navigation Menu, click Learning Materials
  10. Search for books
  11. Open click to start reading
  12. Click the Learning Materials link to launch My Shelf

For further instructions on how to access digital materials, please visit https://www.dcccd.edu/resources/books/pages/included.aspx.