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TSI Boot Camps

Collegiate Academy strives to ensure all scholars are successful in their academics. To ensure all scholars are successful on the TSI Reading and Writing, we have scheduled boot camps for scholars to gain strategies for the assessment. There are two steps scholars need to complete.

Step One
Schedule a Reading and Writing boot camp using the Sign Up GeniusReading and writing boot camps are held in two parts. Scholars will sign up for Tuesday and will also attend on the following Wednesday. Scholars must attend both sessions in order to test.

Step Two
Schedule a corresponding TSI test following the boot camp the scholar signed up for using the separate Sign Up Genius. The TSI test changed in January 2021. Scholars that were not TSI met before January 2021 will have to take the combined reading and writing test on their sign up day.

Boot camp attendance is mandatoryScholars must be signed up for boot camp by Monday, February 8, 2021 at 4 PM. 

Please contact us at dhscollegiate@duncanvilleisd.org if you have any questions.