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TSI Practice Link

Use this link to access the TSI Practice Portal.

TSI Practice Portal

Enter the "WP Learning Locator Code" listed on your Individual Score Report (ISR) in the Pass Phrase / Assignment ID / Learning Locator section to find individualized activities to strengthen your TSIA 2.0 test taking skills.

Mountain View Registration Information

All scholars must register and be accepted at Mountain View College. Click here for step-by-step directions on completing this process. Once you have completed the application and received a DCCCD ID#, record the information here. As you are going through the registration process for Mountain View College, please remember that your scholar should be completing the application and all information requested should be the scholar’s information (email address and phone number). Your scholar will also need their social security number to complete the process. 


All applications for DCCCD - Mountain View College must be completed by Friday, June 4, 2021. 

TSI Boot Camp Information

All resources from the TSI Boot Camps can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Pullum at cpullum@duncanvilleisd.org or Ms. Johnson at sjohnson@duncanvilleisd.org.

Tuesday, April 20
Boot Camp Day 1

Wednesday, April 21
Close Reading Analysis: Literal vs. Suggestive
Zoom Recording

Wednesday, April 22
Planning and Drafting Essays
Zoom Recording

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