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About Us

Duncanville High School Collegiate Academy in partnership with Dallas College

Duncanville High School Collegiate Academy aims to embrace a diverse group of scholars and change their futures one mind at a time. Collegiate Academy scholars will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and simultaneously take dual credit courses earning up to 60 college credit hours or an Associate Degree within four years.

The Collegiate Academy is a Duncanville Independent School District initiative operated in partnership with Dallas College. Collegiate Academy's partnership also extends to parents as we inspire students to strive for intellectual excellence while providing a world-class education.

Mission Statement
Duncanville High School Collegiate Academy will IGNITE the passion of all scholars through innovative and collaborative instruction which CAPTIVATES the interests of all stakeholders to ELEVATE growth mindsets and cultivate lifelong learners.

Vision Statement
Ignite Passion ~  Captivate Interest ~ Elevate Mindsets


  • Complete high school diploma and up to 2 years of college credit in four years
  • Studies show that students who take dual credit courses are more likely to  complete a four-year college degree
  • Decreases cost of tuition and fees for students by accelerating time toward  degree completion
  • Accelerated degree time may free up facility space and faculty for additional  students to enroll
  • New graduates enter the workforce sooner and begin to earn wages, benefiting themselves and the economy
  • Contributes to the goals of Closing the Gaps through greater participation and increased academic
  • Gain college exposure by participating in college tours
  • Develop and grow with students of advanced academics by participating in professional development
  • Participate in community service projects and give back to the community
  • Increase college enrollment and success rates for all students
  • Strengthen the connections between middle schools, high schools, and higher education to
    promote a college-going culture

For more information: dhscollegiate@duncanvilleisd.org